Americas Only Manufacturer of our Patented Swivel and Hitch Anti-tangle Flag System

About Us

Northeast Flags holds the patent for the Swivel Flag System and the Hitch Flag System We are the sole manufacturer of this product and it is 100% Made in the United States. We are also the manufacture of our Brackets.
Our flag Poles come in Black or White and carry a LIFETIME guarantee!
The concept of our system is to eliminate Tangling of the flag as its displayed.

The American Flags for sale at Northeast Flags are made from the highest quality materials (nylon American Flags & polyester American Flags) they are sewn to last. Choose from heavyweight nylon flags with embroidered stars, sewn stripes, and fly ends reinforced with nylon thread. Or, our top-quality embroidered polyester American flags are also top-sellers and designed to perfectly suit your everyday needs. From small American flags to large American flags, our selections have been expertly crafted for years and years of pride.

We have a great selection of American Flags, Car Window Flags and two items you'll not find anywhere else in the world... Hitch flags and Tangle-free swivel systems.

Do you know the history of the American Flag? Click here to get the story behind the greatest symbol in the United States.

In 2005 the company was sold to North Sails which has been a very successful transaction. The Hitch Flag and Swivel Flag were of no interest to North at that time. Northeast Flags has decide to offer this exceptional product to customers that are tired of tangled flags and require and expect the highest quality. Northeast patented and manufactures this exceptional product for customer that demand excellence.

 Thank You

Chip Hillyer owner